Creatine buy and occupy?


Creatine is an essential element that the body needs for nerve and brain functions, as well as for supplying the muscles with energy. Creatine consists of more than a single protein, where the creatine in food is absorbed by meat or fish.

In addition, it is used also to build muscle, because it significantly increases the power. To achieve still better and faster results, strength athletes like Powerlifters and bodybuilders for a significant power increase creatine can buy.

How does creatine and how is it to take?

Creatine increases the explosive power, so the power that is released during the training mainly short-term, intense stress, in bodybuilding training experience.

Thus, you are able to use higher weights in training, or to increase the number of repetitions, giving an additional impetus for growth of the muscle.

The most common form of creatine, is in the form of a Creatinkur. This lasts approximately 6 weeks.

In about 30 minutes before the workout, as well as immediately after the training and once before dinner be taken from day 1 to 5 four times daily each 4-5 g creatine capsules or powder in the morning before breakfast. On non-workout days you can take in the morning before breakfast and 2 times between two meals of creatine. From day 6 to the end of the creatine treatment can be taken daily 3-5g. On workout days after training, on non-training days in the morning on an empty stomach. In addition to the option of a spa, is also a regular taking.

With 3 grams of creatine over a period of 6 to 7 weeks are taken daily.

In this way taking a creatine spoken Spa without loading phase.

Creatine can be taken either together with glucose or a protein shake. This ensures a better creatine uptake throughout the body and improves the muscle much more efficiently. If you take creatine, you should watch always water a hydrated by at least 100 ml per gram creatine, to relieve the kidneys.

That you like Cola, coffee or energy drinks in direct temporal correlation with the Creatineinnahme ability to dispense, is been not occupied on caffeinated drinks by reputable studies, but rather a guess, because caffeine has a temporarily dehydrating effect on the body. Correctly but what is your creatine you should always immediately drink shake, because creatine already decays after a short time in liquids to ineffective creatinine.

In what forms can I buy creatine?

Creatine you can buy in the form of Creapure creatine, an absolutely pure Creatine monohydrate of the world renowned German producer AlzChem. Creapure helps the muscles optimally at quick power-like movements as an energy supplier. In addition to taking in liquid form (the creatine is dissolved with water or fruit juice in a cocktail shaker) you can take creatine in the form of tablets or capsules.

Besides Creapure, there are still more Creatinprodukte cheap in the global nutrition online shop, your fitness and Sportnahrungs shop. If you have still no Supps to build up your body, the creatine right to your fitness is to increase endurance and strength! Buy Danabol 50

Animal Rage taking

I’m now at an age where I have tested almost everything what’s on dietary products for bodybuilders. My goal was always to achieve maximum gains in lean muscle mass and strength with a meaningful product selection. No matter whether it to protein, creatine, the wide range of Testo and no. booster, pre-workout products, etc. was. Over the years I have developed a good concept me through your own experiences, as well as through information from renowned magazines and the exchange of experience with other bodybuilders for maximizing training. This included not only the optimization of my training schedules, but especially my diet and the use of dietary products. After 15 years as an active bodybuilder, I learn to still new and refine my training concept.

Born out of the belief, that we should add constantly new knowledge for every aspect of our lives to our own personal “database”. In this database, then new practical experiences come combined with scientific bases, to be better equipped for every area of our life.The one that we can look back over the years to an increasing amount of data and this data and experience can leverage our training objectives means for bodybuilding.

Since I am fortunate to belong to the animal Pak team for a few years I’m to get privileged enough to have the chance to test new products and to develop with. This is super exciting, especially when new active substances tested and the optimal composition developed for products such as the animal rage. It is always a good opportunity to find out how I can incorporate new products in my diet and supplement plan for me.

With the introduction of the new animal a few additional tips for taking, rage, in the middle of the big hype around the product of the countless fans won and convincing testimonials in the forums can be found, I would like to give you. You should not just “smash the product”, but you can get the most when taking out. I rage pass you, therefore like, in my experience with the animal. Following a few tips that have worked with me, you can use that as a basis and vary depending on your preference in detail.

Bang it back
The animal rage like a big hammer, an adrenaline shock as you still not have seen. It doesn’t taste like soda, it’s hardcore, and that you can taste (of course only for the rage in powder form). It is an absolute experience. The animal rage wakes up already you when you smell it only, once your taste buds perceive it, you feel special about the product. My parents once said that I would eat if I knew that lot would make me this ass of a rhinoceros. For me, therefore the animal rage with orange juice taste is the perfect choice.

I mix my shake with less water than the recommended 120ml, I use only about 80ml. That’s a big mouthful and in there is the power mix. It takes only half a second and’re ready for the workout of your life. Some people use a Shaker and shake like the barbarians.Others mix the animal rage only with a spoon in the glass which leads, one a softer citrus taste noticed because the bitter components in the powder are not so strongly activated. Which is here no birthday, this is hardcore bodybuilding, it is quickly me so no matter which method is used, it is main thing and I can get started. But if you prefer a method, then do just so.

Concern for optimum performance
One of the keys to an optimal effect of the animal rage and all other similar pre-workout products, limited intake of caffeine and other stimulants on the same day. The reduction of an overload with stimulants prevents an adrenal fatigue and the inevitable effect of a tolerance adaptation of the body. At constantly too high intake of stimulants such as caffeine or ephedrine, you can take some ephedrine capsules along with a double espresso at the end and go take a NAP. Not so good.

What’s behind it, it should remain a sensitivity for energy components, such as in the animal rage, by one limited the supply of stimulants from other sources. In this way, the body only at some point in highly concentrated, just networking crowd Gets the dose that causes the optimum effect on “clean” receptors. So you’re exactly at the right time – when you go into the Studio to start your training – the optimal kick without it your body is dulled. The debugger and you will feel the potential of the animal rage, if you move the weights. Another effect when you use the rage in this manner, you can time stretch where you can use the product without taking break or need to use your own, reinforced cocktail of stimulants.

If you have the animal rage in this strategic form, the timing of revenue in addition plays an important role. This applies with regard to the timing of meals and the time of day of the revenue. Make a plan when you take what you doing the last pre workout meal or snack should be around 90-120 minutes. be taken prior to the training session. You also one hour before the workout to you take something easy to digest as a piece of fruit or a whey shake can protein with water, because you should never train with a completely empty stomach. Important, the right environment for the taking of the animal is rage but to make the active ingredients can freely enter into the bloodstream. The timing also refers to the time that rage and which go to bed between the taking of the animal is located. If you respond generally sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine, should be a minimum of 6 hours between taking and which are going to bed. Every body reacts differently, so try it for yourself and find out when you can take the product still to good sleep.

Animal Rage combinations
This article would be not a real product-related animal, if not also the possibility of different product combinations for a maximized effect was mentioned. But in principle, the best products are only as good as the basic nutrition that you come to your body makes, no matter how hard you train also. The additional basis of recommended products consists then of the animal Pak, Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil or flaxseed oil and a good protein product. Then, I can recommend two special combinations that bring the last kick.

Rage & pump: The Preworkout power stack; the animal pump gives you an extremely effective creatine matrix and no. booster in pill form, by the rage everything else. I have recently started to take the two products combined, the effect is enormous. The pump is cut-throat, I have energy without end and would not stop with the training, the necessary aggressiveness for heavy training is also available. If fits your diet and fluid supply and combining then the rage with the pump, there is almost no comparable feeling that you could experience. You should omit pump only the Red capsule at the animal, otherwise you’re taking too much to friends with more than half a gram of caffeine and other stimulants. It hurt rather than that it brings you to the front.

Rage & PM: It is referred to by many as the “up and down stack”, and correctly so. Nothing will take you on tours such as the animal rage, focused and energetic to the hair tips. On the other hand, there is no other product that for optimal regeneration, growth hormone secretion and to promote a restful sleep is like the animal PM. The combination of both products ensures that you power stand when it arrives, namely training in the Studio and is to relax and regenerate, if the time came. Just after an extremely hard, brutal workout, recovery and recovery to maximize the training effect is important. It’s Yin and Yang, light and darkness, day and night, the corresponding product combination.

For me the animal rage is the Preworkout product per se, that I have received with open arms. With a day program that is packed with appointments and tasks, up to the last minute, I’ve been using every opportunity to prepare myself and still have power for the training. The knowledge that me a combination of optimal resource available is, when it comes to dealing with the daily tasks and the fight in the Studio, gives me confidence. Confidence that it allows me to make another set, extra still conjure up an additional repetition out and to complete a training session in which I have a feeling at the end that the tank is empty. Check out the animal rage now and will convince you of the effect. Buy Danabol 50

Beta alanine – taking, symptoms and side effects

beta-alanin-pre-workoutThe most strength athletes is beta alanine as part of many pre-workout products known what effects, but has a beta alanine taking exactly? In this article, you’ll learn important details about beta alanine, how to take it up and what possible side effects there are. Is an interesting ingredient beta alanine not only for strength athletes, endurance athletes can benefit from a revenue.

What is special about a revenue when compared to other similar drugs, you feel just after the first applications a more or less strong tingling sensation, which may be already scary for some athletes. This tingling sensation occurs mainly around the lips and neck and paresthesia is called in the jargon. After a few applications, these side effects subside but gradually.

Athletes should be abide by this harmless phenomenon also not to take one of the most effective, performance-enhancing substances. The positive this effect can easily be seen, whether a pre-workout product, in which among other things also beta alanine is contained, a sufficiently high dosage contains this substance. The stronger the tingle, the higher is also the dosage. You feel nothing at all, is probably too low dose beta alanine. Many manufacturers are indeed now to specify the individual ingredients of a pre-workout product no longer in the respective single dosage. There is only the total amount for a complex of similar substances.

Such as but the exact effect of beta alanine is now? The active ingredient of itself is not responsible for the effect, which is as interesting for athletes. But through an intake of beta alanine is a rise of Carnosine in muscle. This increased Carnosine mirror ensures a greater load ability of the muscles just for loads with high intensity. This is also the reason why take strength and endurance athletes beta alanine prior to exercise. It comes after taking to increase the muscular endurance, strength, and the general provision of energy, as well as to an increase in the maximum oxygen intake.

What is alanine beta right?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid. Not essential because the body can synthesize them in the liver itself. Alanine is beta via the normal diet, it is contained in animal sources such as poultry and beef. Beta alanine is then in the body of the muscle fibers recorded, no matter whether it was previously synthesized by the liver or via the diet. It is then converted in conjunction with the amino acid Histidine in the Dipeptide Carnosine. Carnosine is the actual substance, which is responsible for the effects desired by the athletes.

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Who would like to know more precisely, beta alanine is a hybrid between a powerful neurotransmitter, GABA, L-glycine. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can feel also caffeine-like effects after a taking. It is beta alanine in capsule or powder form as a sports nutrition product, it passes on the blood circulation in the skeletal muscle. For an optimal transport to the working muscles, a sufficient sodium and chloride is availability important. In the muscle cell itself, beta alanine is then bound to the essential amino acid L-Histidine. These two amino acids form the Dipeptide Carnosine then as already described.

What is the effect of beta alanine?

All intense athletes, no matter whether bodybuilders or endurance athletes, knows the effects when it comes to a sharp increase in the lactate (lactic acid bacterial) mirror. It comes to a burning in the muscles and at some point, from a certain lactate to load stops unexpectedly. Here comes the Carnosine in game, it is capable of hydrogen ions, resulting from the Laktatbildung buffer. What has the athletes about this now? By buffering hydrogen ions is the muscles able to contract, without that there will be a strong, performance-limiting Laktatbildung more over a longer period.

For bodybuilders, this means for example easily; due to the lower Laktatbildung, the athlete can move more weight and also to the end of the training create even higher reps than that alanine would be possible revenue and the corresponding increase in the Carnosine levels without a beta.

The medium-term effects of a beta alanine intake in the form of treatment; There will be a significant increase in strength and muscle massinvolved. At the same time, fat burning is more stimulated. Differently than other similar drugs, you feel taking beta alanine as a pre-workout product both in the short term an effect, so at the first training session, but also in the long term, as a result of a significant increase in strength and the structure, if sufficient protein in addition is taken up by muscle mass.


The beautiful at the beta alanine, it shows its effect on every athlete, because it always comes to a rise of the Carnosine levels.

This is different for example in Sportnahrungs products such as the Creatine monohydrate, in which athletes there, as a so-called non-responders do not or only very low on a creatine taking respond. There are now more and more studies on the effects of a spa-like taking beta alanine. In the “Journal of sports medicine”, a study was published for example already in 2008. This could be proven, that strength athletes, the more than 4 g Beta could have taken alanine over a period of 30 days every day, increase the number of reps on the squat by 25% compared to a peer group, receiving only a placebo.

Bodybuilders are so able, through a beta alanine taking a significantly higher number of repetitions to create, which in turn ensures a stronger growth stimulus for the muscles.

Carnosine is again responsible for the fact that reduces the formation of hydrogen ions of during high-intensity workouts. These hydrogen ions have a very negative effect on the performance of the muscles, because they provide for a strong reduction of the pH value in the muscle cell (so are responsible for the acidity). In addition, they have more negative effects on the muscle excitation and contraction. Decrease of pH value in muscle is mainly responsible for the muscle fatigue.

A special feature is there even for vegetarians. Because beta alanine mainly in animal sources, vegetarians have mirrors usually have a significantly lower Carnosine. An enzyme responsible for the production of Carnosine, that significantly reduces occurs after only five weeks of purely vegetarian diet.

Beta alanine dosage

As regards the optimal dosage, the opinions of the experts diverge somewhat. Results of studies suggests that real effects only occur when beta alanine is taken daily at least 1.8 g. But, for better results, higher doses have been in any case.

A study which investigated for example, the amount of beta alanine was fed dietary supplements that has mirror effect on the Carnosine in muscle. In the first days, the participants received 2.4 g beta alanine, then the dosage was increased on 3.4 g daily. A significant increase of the Carnosinspiegels could be demonstrated here. After again five days the dosage on over 4 g increased daily and it could be measured a further increase of Carnosine levels.

In England was amateur the effect of beta alanine tested boxers doing over a period of time administered 4 weeks daily 6 g beta alanine, divided into 4 portions of same. The clout of the boxer who took the beta alanine, increased significantly compared to the power of the placebo group. This increased the rate up to four times. However they also found out that long breaks from 2-5 alanine can provide minutes between high-intensity strength exercises for reducing the effect of beta.

Therefore it advisable for strength athletes and bodybuilders, in combination with a beta alanine taking making a high intensity strength training, such as for example the HIIT workouts, heavy interval training or a cross training with break times under 2 minutes.

We recommend daily a dosage of about 3-6g for strength and endurance athletes.

Beta alanine intake

Who specifically the full impact of beta alanine intends to use during the training itself there should be 30-60min. before the training.In a study could prove, that’s in the bloodstream about 30 minutes after a beta alanine intake to the highest values comes. The values went back completely but after 3 hours. It makes therefore sense to divide the revenue once prior to exercise, and about 1.5-2 g beta to take phenylalanine and then again the same amount immediately after the training.

Should I take beta alanine in treatment form? There is though no concrete studies whether it makes sense to take the active ingredient in terms of hygiene. I personally consider but generally it makes sense to take various active ingredients such as also the creatine in the form of treatment over a period of about eight weeks, so that there will be no getting used to effect. Therefore, a roughly four-week taking break should follow after the cure. Because the Carnosine only slowly return values in the muscles, athletes in the income break benefit alanine revenue from the previous beta.

Beta alanine + creatine

Who beta alanine would like to combine with other ingredients, which should test once a simultaneous ingestion with creatine. In a study that could result in strength athletes. The strength athletes were divided into three groups, the first group received only 10 g of creatine and the third group alanine and 10 g of creatine, the second group over a period of twelve weeks daily 3 g beta a placebo.The group, which took a beta alanine and creatine, could build up more muscle mass and reduce body fat at the same time, as the comparison group that took only creatine or placebo.

Are there side effects when a beta alanine intake?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it may be a tingling feeling in the neck or to the poor first revenue. Also there can be a slight itching and burning on the head or ears, with an additional redness. If you are taking more than 800 mg per single dose, may experience these effects in the form of light, 3 g in a single dose be taken, then these effects can be more noticeable just at the first revenue.

Who feel the whole unpleasant, can take a alanine even throughout the day divided into four smaller doses the beta. The effect of the product is still given and the body can adapt slowly to the effect.

There’s even a difference, whether beta alanine on an empty stomach is taken. The concentrations rise faster, but the side effects are also correspondingly more.

Especially users who alanine also due to its stimulating properties to use the beta, can take it on an empty stomach before exercising. Shake with carbohydrates and protein can use together with a pre workout’s athletes who use it due to the General increase in performance.

It was a small summary of the most important effects, properties and side effects of beta alanine. Test the beta alanine yourself and let convince yourself of the impressive effects. Buy Danabol 50


BCAA X capsules


Various studies have shown that just the BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) for muscle development and regeneration are extremely important. In regard to anabolic (muscle-building) reactions in the body, the BCAA’s are probably the most important source of energy.

That can be not even synthesized contained essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in BCAA X of the body, therefore they must be disposed of via the diet. As BCAAs during physical exertion such as Streß, exercise or during a diet of the muscles is first used, is to ensure an adequate supply of.

The ratio of 3 amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine to each other is important. BCAA X , these amino acids are available in perfect 2:1:1 ratio. 

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L-glutamine powder 300 g


Glutamine is involved in different metabolic processes in the body. Much glutamine is consumed during intensive sporting activities. A fast compensation is very effective for the performance. For the athletes, various properties are interesting, including the muskelzellvoluminisierende effect which ensures a water retention in the muscle cells during strength training. Glutamine acts but not only anabolic (muscle aufbauend), just the anti catabolic characteristics are also interesting for athletes to increase performance.

Glutamine ingestion

After physical exertion the degradation can be reduced through the regular intake of glutamine of muscle tissue. Go at a dose at bedtime there have a positive effect on the recovery after hard workouts/races. Another important point in a regular glutamine recording, loading up the glycogen stores is supported. This effect is interesting for both strength and endurance athletes and makes possible longer, harder workouts.

During and after intense weight training, a stress situation needed for the body, the body much glutamine. This not enough can be synthesized by the body, a revenue as a food supplement is useful for athletes. But not only the muscles required for optimal function glutamine, the gastro – intestinal tract and the immune system use this amino acid as an energy source and for the production of nucleotides. Glutamine has also the property, to positively influence the growth hormone and protein synthesis.

Why should glutamine be used as sports nutrition product?

Supplementation with L-glutamine by Scitec nutrition ensures an optimal supply of glutamine. Bodybuilder but other strength and endurance athletes have an increased need for this amino acid. Hard and long training units (whether in power or endurance), more glutamine is needed by the body can be made even as. The body then attempts to produce glutamate from other amino acids. An intake of nutritional supplements is then much more effective and in addition supports the body’s own protein synthesis. Glutamine serves as an activator of regeneration and ensures that the body can regenerate itself faster and that can be trained fully in the next training session. Bodybuilders benefit with the aim of training muscle building product, but also all endurance athletes who want to improve endurance performance.

When should glutamine take?

You can recommend three different times for a taking. Use before training, L glutamine can reduce catabolic (muscle-depleting) reactions during hard workouts. Who uses the L-glutamine after training, provides for an increase of cell volume and an acceleration of protein synthesis. Both factors that can make for a faster muscle building. Many athletes use L-glutamine but also to taking before going to sleep. Many anabolic processes in the body take place even during sleep, as can be supported.

Why we recommend the glutamine powder from Scitec?

In contrast to many low-cost products from other manufacturers, Scitec nutrition ® used only laboratory-tested glutamine of pharmaceutical grade. This ensures a safe and effective use for each athlete. Alternatively we offer by Scitec with the G-bomb a L-glutamine matrix product.

In focus; Why is a glutamine worth taking?

  • Increased glycogen synthesis
  • Faster regeneration
  • Release of growth hormone
  • Support the immune system
  • Counteracts catabolic (muscle-depleting reactions)
  • Muskelzellvoluminisierung
  • Support of liver and intestine

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Summary: L-glutamine powder 300 g
Serving size: 6 g (1 heaping teaspoon)
Servings per container: 50
L-glutamine 6000 mg **

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Animal PM


“The new animal PM by universal is just awesome.” I have tested yet no regeneration product that so impressed me like this. Never I’ve felt better after the training, since I’ve been using this product. I am always extremely hard training, therefore, a recovery for my training success is an absolute necessity. The animal PM delivers real results, but from a company like universal I expected anything else.”-Anthony S., Middlesex, NJ

Peace and relaxation… Yes, we all need to restore; to win power back; to cure the mind and the body. The problem is, too many of us rest and relaxation as a luxury look at. How many of us give up relaxation and respite from the job training? But rest and relaxation are probably the most commonly overlooked items, when it comes to optimal muscle growth. Without these two points you will be scoured. Intense workouts, Leach yourself. What we all have to learn, we can only be as good as we we can recover.

The nutrition thereby plays an important role when it comes to fast supply of important nutrients better regeneration. But that alone is not enough etc. for intensive training and the additional stress for the body through the job, environmental pollution. What is still missing? It’s very simple… Sleeping! If you have no chance of getting enough sleep and not can maximize the recreation facilities associated with sleep, then it becomes hard to reach your goals with regard to the development of the physique. You can train like an animal, the muscle you want to reach, but takes place outside of the Studio.

Simply put it is time that friends may refer to the bedroom available, the time that can be used for muscle building. Without sufficient rest and recovery, the full potential of the body can not be exploited. Universal nutrition has developed the animal PM with a simple intention: the key regeneration process should be improved in the night, by generating a sleep environment quieter and anaboleren.The battered body of hard train bodybuilder but also endurance athletes, should recover better and “repair the affected muscle structures”.

As the animal logo on the box for optimum effect for the respective application area, the animal PM should comprehensively cover all important processes during sleep, by closing the eyes up to the sound of an alarm of. The product designers did just that by universal nutrition animal PM achieved. Now to the details; Formula are based on the powerful PM all three grams documented hGh (growth hormone) booster. This hormone booster to increase the payout ultra of anabolic endogenous growth hormone during sleep.With GABA, alpha-GPC and the confirmed by different studies in the way of your effect amino acids arginine AKG, ornithine, and L-tryptophan, the animal PM is a powerhouse in terms of growth hormone distribution.

This power plant has its rejuvenating and muscle-building work while the body is in the sleep state. Another element of the product is the “immune & recovery complex” (immune system and regeneration complex). An effective blend of free amino acids and patented another active ingredients provides among other things for an increase in protein synthesis (important for building muscle and catabolic reactions avoid) and supports the immune system. It is important to support immune function for hard training strength and endurance athletes.

Through the training in combination with the normal stresses of everyday life, the immune system and the central nervous system is exposed to a constant attack. For regeneration was the proven already in the animal Nitro complex of essential amino acids (EAA BB´s) integrates and in addition the amino acid L-glutamine, whose regenerating properties have been known for a long time in sports nutrition. The innovative and patent-pending ingredients Humanofort ® and immune Olin ™ are the core of the “immune complexes” and responsible for the positive influence of the immune system. Humanofort ® is a unique embryonic peptide matrix with various growth factors such as IGF-1 and IGF-2, fundamentally involved in new tissue growth.

Immune Olin ™ is an immunoglobulin (antibody) obtained from bovine extract complex, which also supports the immune system. So sleep but also deep and relaxing is still the strong is “Sleep & relaxation complex” finally (sleep and relaxation complex). This distinguishes the product from all other recovery products on the Sporternährungs sector. The sleeping and relaxation complex serves to promote a deep and restful sleep, so that the anabolic growth factors of the two other active complexes can do their vital, regenerative and muscle-building work.

This natural, non-addictive drugs are included, with which the animal PM provides for a State of relaxation and puts the body in a stimulating and anabolic sleep. The sleeping and relaxation complex consists of a series of well-known tranquilizers such as hops, Chamomile and Valerian root. In addition, a natural L-dopa is included Variant (from Mucuna Pruriens) and L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid which is contained within the leaves of green and black tea but unlike the caffeine has soothing properties and also influenced the concentration of various neurotransmitters in the brain.

Yet a mineral / vitamin combination of zinc, is finally magnesium and vitamin B6 (ZMA) containing that not only also support a more relaxing sleep, but are also known to potentially support the production of anabolic hormones. Now test the new product so successful animal line and get the most out of your bedroom with the animal PM. Buy Danabol 50

Animal Rage

muskelaufbau-animal-rage“The first time I that tested animal rage, I felt a warm rush through my veins. My eyes were wide open like a warrior who is ready for the battle. It appeared as if someone in the ass had me feeling. I was in a “rage” that lasted the whole training.”
-Erik ‘The House’ Fankhouser, West Virginia

Animal Rage. Bodybuilder you should utilize as a hardcore each workout for your training goal. You should waste the time not for half-hearted, ineffective workouts. If you want to get the most out of your training, then you have to be fully concentrated approach to the matter. It is no matter how great is your diet, still that what happens in the Studio is most important. If you want to emerge as a winner in this game, each single repetition counts. Each individual set is important. Each training session.

Extremely hard training, hardcore, elite challenge from bodybuilder from every single training session the maximum performance.You have to flip the switch, as we call it. While ordinary emotions such as anger and frustration are implemented in optimum productivity on the weights. When installing himself as himself in “Rage”, which is dangerous in uncontrolled form. But focused and controlled this inner lawn for a bodybuilder can be extremely effective. Deep inside that can lead to the limit and beyond an athlete.You can move weights, which you you before not to have married, you’ll train harder than ever before.

All this enables the new animal rage. The rigorous alpha testing program, have attended the animal team members as well as dedicated customers has shown the full effectiveness of the animal rage. Energy. Focus. Intensity.Insanity. These four simple words are the hallmark of this remarkable product. The energy to withstand extreme workouts. A same laser focus on the essentials. Extreme intensity to move the heaviest weights. The madness in the Studio at the borders and the existing limits to pulverize to go. An invaluable tool for bodybuilder, powerlifter and strongman. The animal is already called ‘PR (personal record) out of the box’ rage.

It’s not just the feeling on the animal rage trip are to be, with performance increases that overwhelming. It’s only the plot to take the product. Differently than with any other animal product previously (since the days of the Nitro and Nitro G), there are two different forms of the animal rage, tailored to the different needs and requirements of each athlete. Known for extensive, easy-to-adjust packs, it goes without saying that the animal before individually metered rage in capsule form, is available. This ultra concentrated focus, energy and performance product is also available in powder form. Mixed with only about 100 ml of water and used more or less like an “injection”, the desired effect occurs soon after ingestion.

The animal rage includes 4 extremely potent and effective complexes. As at all other animal products, the product provides a comprehensive and precisely calculated dose of energy, focus, and performance ingredients. With each single pack that you take with you, you assure flooded the a boost of ergogenic power through the body.

A fast supply of energy provides an adrenaline boost in the body, sharpens your senses and perfectly prepares you for a hard workout. Complex, including caffeine and Evodiamin of energy enters the body quickly and impressively. You feel it immediately and you’re ready for training within minutes. The basis of the “quick energy complex” is pure caffeine of anhydrous, an effective substances for the central nervous system (CNS). The chemical structure of caffeine is very similar to that of adenine (a component of ATP, DNA, and cyclic AMP). Because of structural similarities, caffeine directly to the can dock adenosine receptors and so ensure that the cyclic AMP will remain active instead of being split up. Caffeine engages deep in the muscle cells, to ensure a long more power and the subsequent onset of muscle fatigue. It’s not but still with the “quick energy complex”. In addition still green tea extract and coffee bean extract is included. These two natural Energizer are also powerful antioxidants. They help you not just enough to provide energy for the training sessions, they assist the body in fighting free radicals. This enables a more efficient work in a less grueling environment the cells.

Complete the quick energy complex with vinpocetine and Evodiamin. Vinpocetine has shown its ability in various studies to support the blood circulation and the oxygenation of the brain. Two important points for hard-training athletes. The Evodiamin is a bioactive alkaloid extract which is able to stimulate the Vanilloid receptors in the body. This leads to a reduced fat intake by the body and supports fat burning which together ensures a positive output.

But not only quick energy needed to exercise “to wake up”, the energy level must be observed also during training. What’s the point if you have energy for the beginning of the workout, but in the tank any more remains for a hard training session. You need energy for the Warm-Up but also for all other exercises with heavy weights. This is the point at which the animal rage differs from other pre-workout products. Where other energy products to their limits, the animal kicks off rage really. The unique “sustained energy complex” or on German, a sustainable energy complex, different from all other pre-workout product products. 4 effective herbal adaptogenic components contained in the energy complex; Rhodiola rosea extract (Rhodiola extract), Schizandra Berry (Schizandra Berry extract), Cordyceps sinensis (Chinese caterpillar fungus) and Panax ginseng. In combination, these herbal ingredients increase the training capacity, improve endurance, minimize the catabolic processes, reduce mental exhaustion, have a positive influence on the immune system and the libido. That important issues are about to improve the performance in the Studio in a natural way.

These were the points quick and long-lasting energy. Now we talk about endurance and overall performance. These are two important points to make effectively a training session. You need to be able to withstand energy to a training session while, but that is not all. You must be able to maintain the level of force a hard workout, to exert a maximise growth stimulation on the muscles. You should be able to be able to make a complete training at a high level. Hardcore bodybuilder must be at every training session. This is the reason why the animal rage one endurance & performance includes complex. This complex contains extremely effective components such as Beta alanine, Citrulline malate, L-Taurine and glucuronolactone. Let’s take yet a closer look at these ingredients.For example, scientific studies have shown that beta alanine supports hard athletes in different ways. It provides a power increase, a greater release of energy, endurance support, a muscle mass increase and a delayed neuromuscular fatigue. The Citrulline malate supported the increase of plasma arginine of levels and the nitric oxide (NO). The physiological effect of a rise of in no. level includes a circulation and supply of muscle tissue with amino acids, improved oxygen supply, increased glucose intake and muscle strength.

Citrulline malate also plays a role in the reduction of lactate (lactic acid), optimized ATP production, combating premature muscle fatigue and endurance improvement. The animal contains rage also L Taurine, is the amino acid that the second most commonly occurs in the muscle. L-Taurine has as substance proved to be, which can provide for an extension of the muscle cells, causes which can be kept more water and the cell volume can be increased. For bodybuilders and strength athletes, these effects are very interesting, because expanded muscle cells can provide a reinforced hydrogenation and a higher protein synthesis rates associated.The last ingredient of this complex is the glucuronolactone which occurs naturally and is an important structural component of nearly all connective tissue. Improved mental performance and responsiveness, as well as an increased aerobic and anaerobic performance are some of the benefits.

The focus and intensity of the last complex is complex. The focus on the essentials is crucial for the success of the training. Do you lose the focus you can forget the training session. The focus is on the exercises alone is also insufficient. You have to train on a high intensity level. Top athletes in the world are able to take advantage of this mental component constantly for their training goals. With this mentality they differ from an average athletes not coming through a specific point in its development. From well known and well studied ingredients such as tyrosine, CHOLINE BITARTRATE, N-acetyl tyrosine and ß phenylethylamine the focus and intensity is complex of the animal rage. L-tyrosine, and N-acetyl tyrosine play an important role in the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters are important for healthy brain function. A great side effect of tyrosine, it has been shown that it can reduce the stress hormone levels (particularly cortisol). This ensures a better protection of the body against stress created from heavy weight training.

CHOLINE BITARTRATE, is precursors comparable to the tyrosine, an effective neurotransmitter. In addition, choline is involved in the production of other neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) that is important for memory and learning ability and as neurotransmitters in the body. Among other things, he supports brain function and performance. You should enable so the body to produce enough acetylcholine to train hard and intense.

The b Phenylalamin (b-PEA) completes complex then the focus and intensity. b-PEA supports and promotes mental alertness, focus, mood and concentration. It is also believed that it acts so can provide, and as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter for an increase in energy and mood.

With the animal you’re each rage just a shake or a pack of them to flip the switch and to play you the weights… Energy. Focus.Intensity. Insanity… That’s what you can expect when taking the product. Buy Danabol 50

Citrulline malate – effect, side effects


Citrulline malate – No. booster and Laktatreduktion

Every few years there is a new active substance in the bodybuilding scene you true the miracle says. Most new substances disenchantment comes but after a short time. The promised effects are rather modest, or fail completely. No real results follow the hype in the relevant media. With the Citrulline malate, it seems to give a drug which is very interesting for bodybuilders, strength athletes, but also endurance athletes but once again.

What are we talking about exactly? Citrulline malate is a compound Citrulline, a non essential amino acid which occurs predominantly in melons. Additionally, malate, a derivative of apples. But enough Citrulline malate for performance-enhancing effects to record and, one would have to eat so many watermelons and apples that one would definitely bad.Therefore, these two active ingredients must be included in concentrated form.

What effects can be expected but now when taking Citrulline?

1. an increase in NO production:
Studies have shown the supplementation with Citrulline of arginine more effectively can lift the mirror than when the same dose of arginine would directly ingested. This is just one of the many positive features of Citrulline for athletes the ability releasing No.. If for you the improved nutrient supply on muscle is level and the pumping effect of NO use arginine based basic products, you should test the Citrulline malate once anyway.

2. reduction of ammonia and lactate (lactic acid) education:
Here is something you should know about Citrulline… Citrulline is an intermediate in the urea cycle. The urea cycle is a process which expires in the liver, the institution, the urea nitrogenous metabolism products convert molecules and enzymes and so eliminate them.The production and removal of urea is essential for the Elimination of ammonia and toxic nitrogenous metabolites. Ammonia is extremely toxic to all cells, high levels in the body may have therefore fatal effects. The increased formation of ammonia of to extreme fatigue and other negative phenomena can result even in healthy athletes. In addition, even the glycogen formation reduced and cycle inhibited the energy. These are phenomena which every athlete wants to avoid.

Unfortunately produce all exercises, both anaerobic and aerobic, large quantities of this substance. Ammonia is also produced when bacteria in the digestive system break down proteins. The point is, the more ammonia is in the blood, the performance of an athlete is the worse. Citrulline malate supported the body once again, where’s with an elimination of the amino acid by-products in the protein metabolism contributes to. Researchers also suspect the Citrulline malate can reduce the burning, which is associated with the Laktatbildung. At the same time, the reduction of the negative effects of ammonia and the bacterial endotoxins on the performance of. Tests have also shown the Citrulline malate has a protective effect against acidosis and ammonia poisoning. The metabolism relevant effects of Citrulline malate explain clearly the fatigue-retardant properties and show the possibilities for use to improve performance in athletes.

3. Citrulline increases the ATP and Phosphocreatine renewal
No doubt, there are a lot of reasons for the enthusiasm when it comes to the performance-enhancing potential of Citrulline malate and its mode of operation. Another study shows yet another way how Citrulline can support athletes through the aerobic energy production. Subjects of muscle ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the main source of energy in the cell) was demonstrated for an increase in production during the training sessions. Additionally a higher Phosphocreatine regression after the workout. Taking Citrulline malate supported the muscles so and delay fatigue dramatically. You can train with high intensity over a longer period of time without great loss of performance. These effects are generated mainly by the malate portion of Citrulline malate connection.Malate is an intermediate piece of the cancer cycle.

The malate acts synergistically when it is bound to Citrulline, which causes that this peptide as a group better acts as a supplementation with Citrulline alone. While Citrulline as NO acts amplifier and toxins reduces the performance-reducing properties of the metabolism, the malate ensures support of recycling of lactate and pyruvate. Additionally, the mentioned property in the cancer cycle provides for a long-lasting release of energy.

What does that mean for the athletes? It looks like we have reached a new milestone in sports nutrition. A breakthrough of extremely versatile can be used in support of performance as well as recreational, to achieve a new level of athletic performance. Citrulline malate provides extreme energy on Muskelzellebene and allow to harder and longer to train athletes from different sports than ever before, while faster regeneration of hard workouts. Imagine that so, you off immediately with the same intensity at the end of your training as train at the beginning. You will be able to break through barriers in your personal capacity development and to break personal records by a much more intense training.

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The animal FAQs

Questions and answers about the animal line by universal

animal-line-universalWhy can I not a regular multivitamin supplement instead of the animal Pak BB´s use?

You can, but why should you? Typical one-a-day multivitamin preparations are intended for certain people. They contain generally 100% of the daily needs of the contained vitamins and minerals. Take for example 100% of daily protein recommendation what about 60gr. would mean? No. You take significantly longer, since you intensively practice force sport. Strength athletes need much protein.The same is true for vitamins. Only the animal Pak is specially designed for bodybuilders and strength athletes. Hard training athletes need more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than E.g. non-athletes with a sedentary profession. If you so have to take preparation 2,3 or more capsules of a normal multivitamin, then you should choose better equal the right product with the animal Pak.


My whey protein contains essential amino acids. Should I use then still the animal Nitro?
Yes. Studies dealing with the amino acids supplementation for strength training show that non-essential amino acids for protein synthesis and muscle growth (anabolism) are not necessary. Only the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and protein synthesis. Whey protein contains typically 45% essential amino acids and 55% non-essential amino acids. The whey protein is added then yet, that the bonds that hold together the individual amino acids, must be only broken down by the digestive process.

If the whey protein is then finally split up, many of the amino acids are deaminisiert, product a waste. The special “uncoupled” amino acids in the animal Nitro must, however, not only be digested; they can enter the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. This can be a decisive advantage in the rigors of training. Researchers found in another study out that the absence of urine after taking 6gr production essential amino acids that suggests that these amino acids have been fully implemented in endogenous protein and not the catabolism to the victims fell. On the other hand, the urine rose production when taking 40gr. Whey protein strongly to.

If we so 6gr. essential amino acids with 40gr. Whey protein compare it looks, as a smaller dose of essential amino acids in a higher dose of whey protein would be preferable. In conclusion, one can say when it comes to the optimal protein supply of the muscles after hard training, the animal Nitro is the best choice. There is another way to represent graphically the difference. What would you prefer, a 10 kg stone containing an ounce of gold or one ounce of pure, 24 carat gold? Although both contain one ounce of gold, you have to get the gold out only at the stone. That takes time and effort. In contrast the animal Nitro is the pure 24 k gold and the whey protein the stone which contains the gold.

What is the difference between the animal M-Stak and the animal Stak?
Both products are ‘natural’ muscle booster, but each of the products reached its goal of anabolism (muscle building) in other ways.The animal M-Stak reaches about a stable nitrogen balance, increased protein synthesis and the use of more food calories for muscle building, rather than the storage of excess calories into fat stores. The animal Stak can reach transport its anabolic and be set free testosterone properties through the modulation of various hormones and key proteins (E.g. SHBG). In summary one can say when you’re the classic Hardgainer, has problems with weight gain, even if you take enough calories for you, then the animal M-Stak is the best choice. All other strength athletes and bodybuilders without problems with weight gain can first the animal Stak use or the hardcore stack out Stak and M-Stak in combination.

Can the animal Nitro get, even if I can train my muscle mass?
Latest research results dealing with the effect of essential amino acids occupy it. Yes, a muscle maintenance is possible only by the ingestion of animal Nitro. Scientists at the University of Texas found the following in a study. Healthy subjects who took a placebo and then 28 days in bed had to lie, lost an average of about 500 gr. in muscle mass. Your muscle mass over the 28 days could get the group who took a supplement containing essential amino acids in combination with carbohydrates. The head of the research team Dr.Douglas Paddon-Jones said: “the outcome of this study surprised us tremendously. Even without training, our test subjects who took the essential amino acids, lost no muscle mass. It was an incredible result.” If you so next time over extended period of time do not go that and never want to lose your hard-earned muscle mass, you should test the animal Nitro.

Do I necessarily need the animal Pak? To me, I can take not enough vitamins through food?
Well, we all hope so. But the truth is, a large proportion of the fruits and vegetables is not due to long transport routes, immature crop and poor soil quality should be so rich in vitamins. In addition the sufficient vitamin requires then still care about nutrition that you take to you a wide range of different nutrients. These include leafy vegetables, fruit, and other whole food nutrients. In addition, you should still keep in mind that even the professionals who need to optimally feed from professionally, also use multi vitamins. Forget not also you, when it comes to diets, mostly relatively monotonous over many days and weeks are taking nearly identical meals to you. Chicken, rice, Turkey and tuna are not optimal from a nutritional standpoint. It can get to dietary deficiencies and gaps in care.No matter so whether you want to build muscle mass, or by a diet want to achieve optimum definition, a good multivitamin supplement such as the animal Pak is absolutely essential if you want to be the front.

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Animal M-Stak


Accept it,’re the classic “hard gainer”. You have problems with the muscle, can eat what you want and still not is the desired weight gain. To build something, you have to always back themselves in the butt to kick, twice as hard record how others train and also double as much calories to build at least a little muscle mass.

For you there’s the revised animal M-Stak. For every Hardgainer, the new animal M-Stak is the perfect muscle building product. Due to the significantly improved, nutrient-splitting characteristics, the ability to stimulate anabolic (muscle-building) processes such as the protein synthesis and the nitric oxide (NO) retention, improved anti catabolic properties, the new animal M-Stak is perfect for every hard Gainer.

Now with new and even more natural Flavone/Steron complex (including the brand new Turkesteron), anti-catabolic amino acids complex (rich in Leucine), anabolic Adaptogenem complex (with Safed Musli and Roseroot), compounds for carbohydrate metabolism (such as Colosol acid and 4-Hydroxyisoleucine), an energy complex (as at the animal are pumping in the animal M-Stak the stimulants in the Red capsule for optimal flexibility) and the new M-factor complex (with Dihydroxybergamottin).

A little bit more detail Let’s go to better understand the mode of action of the animal M-Stak. The most important thing is the efficiency, to get more out of his body as you could ever imagine. This is the concept of what was behind the development of the product. It should provide the key to open the “door” for the classic Hardgainer for a mass building held impossible. So what are the secrets behind the new M-Stak?

Now, the Foundation of the new animal M-Stak is its unique natural Flavone/Steron complex. This extremely effective, but still natural Flavones and Sterone such as ß Ecdysterone and 5-methyl-7-Pack, act as a ‘Shuttle’ for the nutrient transport. As a result, the absorbed nutrients can be used optimally for building lean muscle mass. In other words, more of the calories over the food (or food supplements such as protein powders, weight gainer, etc.) be recorded, stand for the muscle available and are not stored in the fat depots. This is the key to success for the hard Gainer.

Hardgainer can typically eat all they want, but still have problems with muscle and weight gain. It is very important not only that simple amount of calories absorbed, it must be ensured, that the body of these calories can also efficiently use for muscle building.OK, the new animal M-Stak supported so more calories to get out of you, you make a. But the muscle building properties still do not end here.

The M-Stak contains in addition an extremely effective anti-catabolic amino acid complex. These amino acids complex works on the basis of a signal transmission not hormonal-based. The main body’s regulators for the muscle be enabled of the amino acids such as z.B: mTOR, PKB, p70s6k, 4E-BP1, FOXO and MAFbx. These anabolic amino acids acts by using this metabolic pathway and by maximum gene activation complex at the DNA level. That puts the processes that maximize the protein synthesis and improve the overall protein balance of the body.

Testing the animal M-Stak now and let’s convince you of the effect.

Animal M-Stak buy cheap:

Recommended for:
• Natural body builder & powerlifter
• Classic “hard gainer”
• Natural maximizing of muscle mass
• Anabolic & Antikatabol
• Optimization of non-hormonal muscle building

Animal M-Stak revenue:
A complete Pak take about 45 min before training with liquid. On non workout days, occupy a Pak in the morning or in the early afternoon with liquid. Take the product without a break for 3 weeks and then a week’s break from taking place. Then a further cycle can be started until the training goals are reached. Attention: Not more than 2 Paks take 24 hours.

Why were the ingredients of animal M-Stak changed?
The original M-Stak came on the market for about 6 years ago and at the time was the standard for non hormonal, anabolic muscle building products. The use of the isoflavones contained in the product for the muscle and mass was still in its infancy. New fascinating ingredients for hard gainer on the market came in the last 6 years. The most effective substances are included in the new M-Stak, which have demonstrated their effectiveness in terms of muscle building in various studies.

You have some of the ingredients of the old M-Stak away which he is now even more effective?
The new M-Stak scene is more effective because it contains higher doses of effective substances from the old animal M-Stak, but in addition also still the most effective new active ingredients from the Sporternährungs. This power ensures an extremely anabolic metabolism not hormonal-based active ingredients for muscle building. In addition nor was the old M-Stak more the generalist. The sequel is, however, a specialist specially designed for all hard Gainer. Now there for strength athletes to reach the M-Stak to a mass building not hormonal-based animal Stak to activate the body’s natural hormone production different options use or as a mega stack both products together for maximum mass building and strength gains.

When you see first the mass building success if one uses the animal M-Stak?
Based on the test results with our alpha testers we can say the first results-are to increase energy and power – within a week. The final result after a 3-week Spa tester could build Alpha with the aim of training on average 2.5 kg fat-free muscle mass building up in addition and also achieved a significant power increase at all 5 basic exercises bench press, Deadlifts, squats, barbell of curls and presses back. In addition, the alpha testers noticed a significantly improved recovery and ability to concentrate during the training in the Studio.

What is the difference between the new animal M-Stak and the Stak?
Both products have been designed by universal as a natural anabolic sports nutrition products, but each product works differently.The Stak is the natural testosterone booster. He supported to bring the body of the mirror of the most important growth hormones on a high level. On the other side of the M-Stak ensures a better nutrient breakdown, synthesis and nitrogen retention, while reducing the muscle anabolic effects due to an increased protein catabolism. Soon, which animal Stak is suitable for a general performance and increase capacity, while the M-Stak for building lean muscle mass and general mass increase is perfect. A combination of both products is the Turbo stack for mass building and strength gains.

I heard you the protein intake Spa should keep high during a M-Stak. Is that correct?
Yes! The M-Stak is a property of the Stak and other products, are the characteristics of nutrient-splitting. Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredients in the M-Stak which can harness calories directly for the mass building diet and not be deposited in the form of fat deposits. Soon, more high-quality calories that you take on the diet and products such as weight gainer and proteins to friends, can be used for muscle building. A high protein intake of approximately 2 g of protein per kg of body weight per day ensures a better protein synthesis.

Why does contain the M-Stak so much Leucine?
Leucine is probably the most important amino acid for the strength athletes. She plays a key role within the essential amino acids and provides independent of insulin for an increase in the level (activation) of key proteins involved in the regulation of protein synthesis. What does that mean? Well, that means the Leucine of the most important factor is one of the key features to maximize the process of protein synthesis – to optimize the General protein balance of the body. Since the M-Stak as natural anabolic steroid is designed, of course all natural anabolic ways should be covered.

Effective is the M-Stak less if one omits the Red capsule?
No! The Red capsule that contains only stimulants has been used to provide product, the M-Stak aka perfect pre-workout. The omission of the Red capsule will but no negative effect on the muscle-building properties, you will – sacrificing kick during practice just the stimulation a result to verschmerzendes for bodybuilders who train in the evening or the athletes that are generally sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine.

What other animal products can improve the effects of M-Stak?
As intended work together all products of the animal line very well. For the training objective of building lean muscle mass and strength gains, the Turbo is E.g. a combination pump M-Stak, animal Nitro combination. If you want to define, however, while maintaining the Muskelmagermasse then use the M-Stak together with the cuts and the Nitro. The possibilities are very diverse. As always recommend we as a basis each staks the animal Pak for the optimal basic supply with high-dose vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Is it important to make a revenue break after a cure?
We recommend a revenue break of about one week after a General 3-week treatment. The new M-Stak contains although no hormonal manipulators and has therefore no negative effect on Suppression of natural hormone production. As well, the human body can adjust quickly to conditions and may cause products with durable revenue in special a diminishing effect.

How can I use the M-Stak together with other pre workout products that also contain stimulants?
In such cases, you can simply stagger the revenue, such as a combination of M-Stak with cuts or pump. The M-Stak is captured then 3 hours before your workout and the pump or cuts 30 minutes before the training. Another possibility would be the simultaneous ingestion of products and then simply omitted the Red capsule.

If the M-Stak is a completely natural anabolic steroids can be used problem in regard to the doping?
Generally, Yes. There is no hormone booster or other forbidden substances in the product. Anyway, you can get say rather certainly go and once again bless the ingredients of the M-Stak by the trainer or team physician, before the product is used by top athletes.Interesting article:

Table of contents

Animal M-Stak
Contents per box: 21 Paks
A Pak includes:
Natural Flavone/Steron complex 750 mg **
ß Ecdysterone **
5-methyl-7-Pack **
-Ajuga Turkestanica extract (Turkesteron) **
ß-sitosterol **
Anti-catabolic amino acids complex 3000 mg **
-Leucine **
-Leucine Alpha ketoglutarate (AKG) **
-Leucine ethyl ester **
L Isoleucine **
-L Valine **
L Taurine **
-Acteyl-L-carnitine (ALC) **
Anabolic and adaptogenic complex 1000 mg **
-Muira Puama **
-Kudzu extract (isoflavone) **
-Safed Musli **
-Rhodiola extract (Rosavins) **
Complex stimulating insulin 500 mg **
4-Hydroxyisoleucine **
-Banaba leaf extract **
-Cinnulin PF ™ (cinnamon extract) **
-K-R-alpha lipoic acid (K-R-ALA) **
M factor complex 500 mg **
-Ginger root extract (Gingerols, Shaogole) **
6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin **
-BI Bioperine ® **
Energy complex 500 mg **
-Methylxanthine (caffeine, Theobromine, theophylline) complex **
-Evodiamin **
Other ingredients: Methyl Xanthine complex (50% Kola nut extract, 22% guarana extract), fenugreek (fenugreek) extract, Cyanotis Vaga extract, extract of Evodiae Fructus, grapefruit extract, cinnamon root extract, gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, whey, microcrystalline cellulose, titanium dioxide, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, FD & C Blue #1, FD & C Red #40.Bioperin® is black pepper extract standardized to a minimum of 95% Piperine alkaloids and is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation (U.S. patent #5,536,506) , #5,744,161, #5,972,382)
Cinnulin PF ™ is a registered trademark of integrity nutraceuticals international.
The entire energy complex is located in the Red capsule to be detected easily.Warning: This product contains an extremely strong Phytoecdysteron and Flavone complex that increase makes for a strong performance.Who is undergoing medical treatment, should consult his doctor before taking the product. The intake should be stopped if symptoms such as nervousness, convulsions, insomnia, loss of appetite or nausea occur. Not suitable for pregnant women and during lactation. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age. The use of this product may be prohibited by some athletes associations. Athletes should speak with their Federation doctor before taking, or refrain from taking in case of doubt.The specified recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded! Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet!Keep out of reach of children!

Animal M-Stak product combinations
Who both the muscle building, the General performance and power wants to maximize, want to fully exploit Additionally the anabolic potential of the body, which should combine pumping the M-Stak with the animal. As a post-workout product then the torrent and the muscle package is complete.

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